01/ Product

The subject of the project are snacks produced by the AS BABUNI company, known mainly as a pasta maker. They are offered in the form of sweet or salty waffles baked from wheat flour.

02/ Scope of work

Naming, logo, colours, typography, key visual, illustrations, supporting materials, promotional materials, POS marketing materials, exhibition materials, product packaging series development, social media binding, advertising clip, website design and implementation, photo session.

03/ Assumptions

The nature of the new brand and packaging from the snack category was intended to be lighter, more “pop” in reception than a pasta packaging. Due to the already acquired regional recognition of AS BABUNI, we wanted to maintain consistency with other company products, which also underwent a major image change in parallel. In both types of products, we used the same motifs: handmade illustrations, expressive typography and the visual division of the packaging in the form of a lace finish.

Brand marketing was based on the “FOR EVERYONE” slogan,
which was the basis for creating the entire key visual.

2020 / 2021

project management: Radosław Nowakowski, Michał Ćwiek
support: Patryk Góźdź
project coordinator: Aneta Biszek
designers: Radek Nowakowski, Michał Ćwiek, Natalia Konowałek,
Jakub Jarzębowski, Agnieszka Kiełtyka, Eliasz Gola
photo session and video clip: Paweł Waga, Wojciech Mietelski
3D visualizations: Piotr Tomaszewski, Aleksandra Ślipek