Columbarium 01

Visiting the burial places of our loved ones resounds reminiscences of past, jointly spent days in each and everyone of us. The surrounding silence is conductive to thoughts and reflection. In the case of columbaria, the urn niche is a unique, very personal space referring to our memories. We remember and take care of memory – we light a symbolic candlestick, we bring flowers. The originally designed urn plate with a characteristic shelf gives the opportunity to honour the memory of our loved one directly at the niche. The basic design of the columbaria is based on 3 or 6 niche modules made of prefabricated concrete elements placed on a pedestal, which are covered from above and from the sides by a stone slab. Columbaria can be built in one-sided or double-sided configurations.

Columbarium 02

Columbaria are not only a place of burial,
they are also a monument and a testimony of our memory – an unbroken bond of the present with the past. The flame of the candle reflected in the marble plate commemorates those who have passed away.

This symbolism is also found in the very shape of the columbaria. Unusually juxtaposed niches create a unique, monumental composition.

Columbaria are made of prefabricated concrete, the urn niches placed edge-on on a plinth. Urn plates made of stone or sintered quarts, are mounted with use of decorative rosettes. Additionally they may be fitted with a tealight type candle holder.

Columbarium 03

Entering the cemetery, we metaphorically cross the boundary of temporality. The importance of matters, their significance, is altered
and so is their gravity. For many of us, this is the real threshold separating eternity from temporality – the transition between separate states of mind. Columbaria are unique burial places. Through their specific, vertical form, they can also form cemetery walls.

The structure is built on an extended platform and consists of precast concrete elements: with 3 or 6 niches, surrounded by blocks covered with stone or ceramic slabs. It is possible to apply concrete cladding on the back wall of precast elements with one of the following paterns: brick, travertine or slate. Also, the plate mounted with decorative rosettes can be made of stone or sintered quartz.

Columbarium 04


project management: Patryk Góźdź, Radosław Nowakowski
project coordinator: Aneta Biszek
designer: Radosław Nowakowski
3D visualizations: Radosław Nowakowski, Piotr Tomaszewski