01/ Customer

The “Stare Drewno” brand is a well-coordinated team of professionals focused on a common goal. Woodworking is a craft that takes years to master.

Their products are made only from original old wood. Their business does not involve aging of new boards. They work only on authentic material, the age of which is no less than 30 years.

02/ Scope of work

Design of three collections of new furniture fronts, design of three collections of doors based on aluminum profiles, design of a collection of new self-adhesive wall coverings

03/ Assumptions

Our objective was to create old wood products that will find their application also in elegant and modern interiors, while maintaining their unique character.

Porte cachée is French for discreet doors or hidden doors. Hidden doors are a new solution in the offer by Stare Drewno, it was introduced in response to customer needs.

We have developed a system that allows for alignment of the door with the wall. Stable, aluminium construction and black anodized profiles give an effect that will satisfy everyone.

An additional advantage is the possibility of integrating the door together with our STICKER wall slat panel system.

Three collections. One profile.


We combined natural wooden doors with a solid black aluminium frame.

At the same time we sought for a solution that guarantees an unobvious appearance as well as an elegant finish.


Our proposition is a door that can be hidden. We have created a new system of aluminum profiles specially for our doors.

Their most important advantage is the ability to create even large doors flush with the wall.
Lyon Furniture Front System is a proposition for the most ambitious ones. We offer a system based on proprietary aluminium profiles, which, depending on the profile used, is combined with a bardage board or cladding.

One profile attached to the board or Sticker.
Three different profiles.
Three different collections.

Three profiles
Three collections

Our proposal is not one, but three profiles to use with collections of fronts. The T-profile and the V-profile form a system with a bardage board, while the C-profile with wall slats from the STICKER system.
The C profile is designed, among others, for large-sized fronts. It ensures adequate lightness and rigidity of the structure, which can be used in any type of fronts.
And on the wall – the STICKER system.

The Sticker system is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to quickly and easily finish their interior with our wood.

Plan, peel and stick – enough to enjoy the panel slats.

Plan, peel and stick

2020 / 2021

project management: Patryk Góźdź
support: Radosław Nowakowski
project coordinator: Aneta Biszek
designer: Michał Jachymek
3D visualizations: Piotr Tomaszewski, Radosław Nowakowski
photo: Paweł Waga