01/ Customer

The “Stare Drewno” brand is a well-coordinated team of professionals focused on a common goal. Woodworking is a craft that takes years to master.

Their products are made only from original old wood. Their business does not involve aging of new boards. They work only on authentic material, the age of which is no less than 30 years.

02/ Scope of work

Logo, colour scheme, typography, key visual, sales support materials, promotional materials, exhibition materials, design of three collections for doors, wall coverings and furniture fronts using old wood, product catalogue.

03/ Assumptions

Our objective is to create a brand that will allow the customer to emphasize the natural values of their product, and at the same time will be a breath of freshness against the competition.

As a summary of activities related to the identification and creation of new products, we designed the catalogue presented below.

2020 / 2021

project management: Patryk Góźdź
support: Radosław Nowakowski
project coordinator: Aneta Biszek
designer: Dominika Jarzębowska
3D visualizations: Piotr Tomaszewski, Radosław Nowakowski
photo: Paweł Waga