01/ Customer

Wojciech Trykacz Concrete Products Company is a private company with a family character, established in 1968. Currently, the company has developed into one of the most powerful production and service plants in eastern Poland.

02/ Scope of work

Logo, claim, colour scheme, typography, key visual, materials supporting sales, promotional materials, exhibition materials, design and implementation of the website.

03/ Assumptions

Creating a new, refreshed image of the company, we set ourselves the goal of first of all giving it an appropriate, solid graphic design that will harmonize with the characteristics of the industry in which it operates.

Old Logo

New Logo


A complementary and decorative element in the visual identity of the Trykacz family company are the textures of the materials that it utilizes. Stone and concrete have a high design potential, thanks to which combining them with the logo creates a well-coordinated whole.

One of the two main branches of Trykacz’s business are precast concrete and reinforced concrete.


Drugą gałąź działalności firmy stanowi szeroko rozumiana branża kamieniarska.


project management: Radosław Nowakowski
support: Patryk Góźdź
project coordinator: Aneta Biszek
designer: Natalia Konowałek
3D visualizations: Radosław Nowakowski, Piotr Tomaszewski